Canada Tax Service provides Online and Correspondence Tax Courses.

Study in the privacy, convenience and confort of your home, at your own pace,
without giving up your present job. The courses are written in non-technical
language and are very easy to understand.

You can learn to do your own Taxes in short period of time.

You must complete the course and submit a final exam for evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

The fee for the course is $200.00*, which includes all the materials

*This fee is tax deductible.


If you cancel the course, the full tuition fee minus $30.00 (administration fee) will be refunded.
Once the e-book has been downloaded or the materials have been received in the mail,
no part of the fee will be refunded.
Shipping charges may apply if you decide to receive the CD in the mail or for all correspondent students. __________________________________________________________________________

Ctax Course Covers:


Interest and Dividents
Mutual Funds and Other Investments
Retirement Benefits
Superannuation (pension) Benefits
Old Age Security Benefits
Employment Insurance
Alimony and Child Support


Registered Pension Plan Contribution
RRSP Contributions
Union and Professional Dues
Child Care
Attendant Care
Support Payments
Investment Expenses
Moving Expenses
Stock Option and Shares Deduction


Personal Credits for self and dependants
Pension Income Amount
Caregiver Amount
Disability Amount
Amounts transfered from spouse
Tuition and Education Amounts
Charitable Donations
Medical Expenses
Provincial Credits


Federal and Provoncial Income Taxes
GST/HST Credits
Child Tax Benefits
RRSP Home Buyer's Program
RRSP Lifelong Learning Program

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